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Short film directed by Christian Briceño

6-H (Colombia), 2017 - 5 min.

Five deaf people through body language, with movements such as expression and communication of art, explore dance, contact and improvisation, visual, gestural, tactile, incorporating the Colombian Sign Language - LSC. The common thread is the history of Colombia, focused on 6 milestones that marked our history: The Spanish Conquest and India Catalina in Cartagena; The Cry of Independence on July 20, 1810 with the vase of Llorente; The Battle of Boyacá on August 7, 1819 between independents and Spaniards; The assassination of Jorge Eliecer Gaitán that begins the Bogotazo in April 1948; The armed conflict with the FARC for more than 50 years; The Peace Accords between the Government of Colombia and the FARC in 2016. Recognizing history, we can build Memory, Peace, and Reconciliation in our country.





Film Editing:



  • Short film winner in the SmarTIC Inclusion in Smart Films 2017

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