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Difer3nte (Spain), 2021 - 9 min.

A young woman has a date with a boy she has met on an app. When he arrives at the meeting place, he is surprised that there is another girl, a friend of his. The young man she is meeting is deaf, and she didn't know it. The friend who appears in question will make sign language so that the two of them can understand each other.

"Prejudice abounds, empathy lacks. One we need, the other does not".

It is a story that aims to give visibility to different perceptions of our fears (prejudices) and how we evoke them in others (judgments).

The protagonist, Isaac, is a young man who refers to the figure that we should all follow: decisive, brave, humble and close. Helena, the 2nd protagonist, represents those fears, insecurities, estrangement from others. Finally, the third character, Maria, is the young intermediary who, with her peculiar humorous touch, creates a fun and relaxed atmosphere to sow the ground from empathy.




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Full Short (subtitled in English)

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