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The Carnation Woman

The Carnation Woman (Spain), 2012 - 25 min.

The Carnation Woman is the love story of a woman with a passion for cinema. Vicky is thrilled to be an actress but is disappointed to be disqualified for the role of an actress in the casting. Then Rubén, a young actor, appears. This story is about the love of a woman, symbolized in "the carnation" and her character will be immortalized in the world of classic cinema.




  • Audience Award Shorts Festival in Sign Language of Mallorca 2016
  • Best Actress Festival de Arte en Signos Manoskrien 2012
  • Best Film Editing Festival de Arte en Signos Manoskrien 2012
  • Audience Award Festival Internacional de cortometrajes en Lengua de Signos de Tolosa 2010


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