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Thin Lines

Corto Thin Lines dirigido en 2016 por Shaan Couture

Thin Lines (USA), 2016 - 35 min.

Leah's life doesn't seem to have a meaning. As she gets desperate in her search of fulfillment, her life takes a surprising turn. One night, under unexpected and fragile circumstances, Leah's path crosses Noah's, a deaf young man. Noah is a cheerful creator. His imagination and confidence engage Leah's curiosity.

Through their respective passions, Noah's drawing and Leah's music, they go beyond their differences and learn about each others' worlds. To talk, they use all methods. From body language to sign language, from lip-reading to eye contact, their urge to communicate brings them closer. As they grow inseparable, they gain consciousness of their connection.





Film Editing:



  • Best Actress Chelsea Film Festival 2017
  • Best Cinematography Deaf Roc Film Festival 2017
  • Best Actress San Diego Film Awards 2017
  • Best Cinematography San Diego Film Awards 2017
  • Special Mention Global Shorts 2016


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