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Fairytale of London Town

Fairtale of London Town (United Kingdom), 2011 - 27 min.

A bittersweet modern day fairytale where three deaf women, Veronica, Karen and Sally, face three very different Christmases until an unexpected event throws them together.

Veronica is just out of prison, Sallys sons have left home and Karen has to work through Christmas; what could they possibly have in common? When Veronica thinks she has killed her bullying mother on Christmas Eve she runs to Karen for help. When Sally decides to leave her husband on Christmas Eve she turns to Karen for help. However, dependable Karen is at breaking point; forced to work through Christmas to pay off her husbands debts and help keep the bailiffs at bay. It is the coming together of these old school friends that ignites a yearning for something more.

Their former hopes and dreams are remembered and a wish to change their lives for the better. They realise that being with each other means that theyre not on their own and that they will always have a lifelong family together.





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